There was only one game that demonstrated that Madden 23 coins
Trubisky could remain a viable starter quarterback and that was during Week 2 of preseason in 2021. Dubbed”the “Trubisky Revenge Game” this was Mitch returning to Chicago to play the Bears and ripping them apart by completely 20-of-28 passes for 221 yards and scoring a touchdown. It was a fantastic game, sure, however, is that enough for a contract worth the price? This is only because the teams believe it’s.

To be fair, it’s more about the one game and more a perception that the Bears were not competent in its handling of former no. 2 overall pick. This could be a reasonable bet, but it calls for a major risk.

If we assume Trubisky earns $10 million a year (and the truth is, it’s likely to increase to a great extent) then it’s over double what Teddy Bridgewater made signing with the Broncos last year. That’s almost three times what Marcus Mariota made. Both players are more experienced than Trubisky, but desperation causes odd bedfellows. It’s no secret that there are extremely difficult times when teams needing QBs.

The Steelers along with the Saints are struggling to recover from the retirement of their Hall of Fame caliber QBs, the Giants aren’t completely confident in Daniel Jones (and rumored to be in the market for Trubisky) and the Seahawks require a new QB after the trade of Russell Wilson, the Colts are searching for a passer too as are the Panthers, well, they just sign QBs for fun at this point , even if they don’t like it.

Compounding these issues is an unpopular draft at the position. The most committed fans of the 2022 QB class admit that all these players need some time to get their feet accustomed cheap madden nfl 23 coins. There isn’t a clear Day 1 starter, outside of maybe Kenny Pickett, though he is concerned about his hand size, attitude, and his ability to transfer his skills into Madden NFL 23. One of the most promising prospects, Malik Willis, is far from being ready to become a franchise owner immediately .

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