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A long distance relationship is difficult but not undoable

long distance relationship

A long distance relationship is difficult but not undoable, and here are some tips as to how to make it work:

Have a common goal

You and your lover are not going to be in a long distance relationship forever. Sooner or later, you will settle down, so plan for your future together. When will both of you settle down? How long will you both be separated? These are questions that must be answered even if you are both living in different cities to ensure that both you are working towards the same direction.

Set rules

Rules are required to avoid unnecessary arguments. Both of you need to know the do’s and don’ts: can you date someone else or are you two exclusive? Is it okay for you to go for a drink with that hot girl in your office? Is it okay for her to go clubbing in that body hugging low cut dress that will make every guy drool? Set the expectations straight.

See it as an opportunity

Simply put, be positive about it. Remember the law of attraction. If you are constantly thinking to yourself  ‘long distance relationship will not work’ then chances are you are right – it won’t work. Believe in yourself and your partner. Open your mind and your heart and see it as a journey.

Do similar things

Read the same books, watch the same movies and listen to the same songs so you have more things to talk about. You can even watch Game of Thrones together while being on Skype video call and enjoy your girlfriend’s reactions to the bloody scenes. And the next time you try to be funny by going “Hodor, Hodor, Hodor” in the middle of a video chat, she’ll laugh.

Communicate regularly, and creatively

‘Good morning’ and ‘good night’ texts are mandatory and so are the regular ‘I miss you’ and ‘I love you’. But no matter how sweet these messages are, if these are the only messages you send, your other half is bound to get bored. Be creative. Surprise her with an audio clip of ‘I love you’ in Japanese (Aishiteru), a video of you singing ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ or a picture of you blowing a kiss in the direction of the camera.

Know each other’s schedules

Keep each other updated of your schedule. You don’t want to call her when she is in the midst of a meeting and you won’t want to be disturbed with a call when you’re sleeping. Always bear in mind of the different time zones if you two are living in different countries, and take note of important dates like exams, presentations and meetings.

Social media helps

Stalk your significant other. Like each other’s Instagram photos. Reply on each other’s Tweet. Comment on each other’s blog posts. Share funny videos on each other’s Facebook wall. Little things like this show that you care.

Give each other a personal object

Give her your favorite Batman figurine. Ask for her Teddy Bear. None of us have a perfect memory and that’s where mementos comes in. It helps us remember and helps us survive through tough times. When your girlfriend is depressed because of her work and cannot contact you due to different time zone, she might look at your Batman figurine and laugh as she recalls how you mimic Batman’s voice.


Postcards and love letters please, gentleman. It’s old school but it’s never out of fashion, and girls of all times love it. Send gifts – Birthday, Valentine, Christmas, anniversary, and any other festive season that you can think of. It can be something as normal as perfume, or naughty gifts like sexy lingerie if you are trying to drop her a subtle hint that you can’t wait to settle down.

Okay, maybe not that subtle.


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