Lifeasible, an expert in the field of plant tissue culture that provides high-quality plant tissue culture services to worldwide researchers, recently released rare plant tissue culture service that can help protect germplasm, enrich plant biodiversity, and alleviate the tension of endangered plant resources.


The term “rare plants” usually refers to species that are in danger of going extinct because of a combination of natural causes and human-caused devastation. One thing that distinguishes rare and endangered plants from other species is their low fruiting rates, significant inter-annual oscillations, and pronounced small and large years in the wild. The natural reproductive ability of seeds of rare tree species is incredibly feeble, and the number of populations is dwindling. This is due to factors including the features of animals that feed on immature and surface seeds as well as the ease with which seeds buried in the ground degrade.


On the other hand, due to the rising demand for wild plant resources, habitat loss, predatory exploitation, climate change, and other factors have caused a steady decline in wild plant resources, putting them in danger of extinction and reducing the diversity of plants.


Lifeasible employs tissue culture to fast-track the propagation of rare plants, overcoming challenges associated with seed propagation, including low fruiting rates, large inter-annual fluctuation, and drawbacks of standard asexual propagation, such as slow and low reproduction rates.


The company has successfully tissue cultured over 20 kinds of rare plant species, and some of them are listed below:


Species                    Explants

Almphda spinulosa          Spores

Davidia involucrata          Winter buds

Camellia chrysantha         Cotyledons, stem tip, single bud

Panax ginseng              Leaf blade, petiole, corolla stalk, root, anther

Platycerium wallichii         Young sporophyte

Cephalotaxus mannii        Young stems, young leaves



“We will constantly update the list of species that can be cultured. And we can also provide customized package according to your specific needs.” Commented Isla, one of the representative speakers from Lifeasible.


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