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Learn WOW Classic Skilltree & Class Picking Guide

With the global release of Classic WOW fast approaching, have you got wow classic gold a full picture of the Classic? Today we will provide some details about WOW Classic skilltree & class picking guide.

Some information for Classic talent system

The WOW Classic talent system comes with 51 points, which can be divided into 3 talent trees every class. Then you can split points evenly among specialization trees or totally invest in a tree for the final ability at the last of the tree. In addition, there are many effects for the talents, including:
making an improvement to the existing abilities or stats such as weapon skill;
adding new functionality to abilities;
or teaching you new abilities.
Usually you can unlock interesting new abilities with 11, 21, or 31 points spent in a tree, while some abilities need points to be spent on specific talent higher up in the tree to choose them.
You can begin to put points into Talent trees at level 10 and get one for each new level. That means at level 40 you can unlock your first 31 point special talent. Besides, you have a variety of choices in Classic Talent trees and don’t have to choose on talent option per row.

Top changes for Classic class

There are 9 classes for Classic, decreased from 12 (Death Knights, Monks, and Demon Hunters unavailable in Classic WOW). And here list some tips for you when picking class:
1.Paladins are only for the Alliance with Shaman only for the Horde.
2.Since your race cannot be changed, it’s very important to pick the race/class combo you like better.
3.There are unique racials for Priests according to their race.
4.There are 3 talent trees for Druids instead of 4, while Feral Combat is used for Guardian and Feral Druids.
5.Rogues have the Combat specialization, not Outlaw.
6.There is an elaborate Pet Loyalty system for Hunters while Survival is a ranged DPS spec.

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