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Learn RS War’s Retreat(PvM Hub) Upcoming updates

2020 is coming soon with various new contents added to game. War’s Retreat is being bought into the game proper and is your one stop shop runescape 3 gold for all your bossing needs. Now it has been revealed that RS PvM Hub(War’s Retreat), is planned to be released in early 2020.

PvM Hub

According to the latest Year Ahead blog, a lot of you have been asking for it, and in early 2020 they’re really excited to be able to offer the PvM Hub, now known as War’s Retreat, which came out of our autumn Game Jam. Previously the reserve of Max Cape owners.The PvM Hub is moving up in the schedule and will be added in game before Archaeology. More details of this update will be revealed after Christmas.

What can you know about War’s Retreat?

War’s Retreat will be reached by a door in Death’s Office. It will contain a bank, Aura Unlocks, Death Marks, 4 Portals, campfire and altar. The campfire will give bonfire boosts equal to the tier of log used, which can be upgraded with more logs to increase the bonus. However, the Hub will not offer Grand Exchange services.

The hub can be upgraded with “Marks of War”, which can be obtained by staying in a boss instance with a timer. The Hub will provide a combat dummy area to gain adrenaline, and 3 boss portals – 1 automatically unlocked, one that tunes to the player’s Reaper assignment or seasonal boss events, and another that may be unlocked via purchase. The unlocked and purchased portals may be retuned for 100,000 coins, or for free if the player has 100 kill count towards the boss it is attuned to. The portals may be upgraded with adrenaline crystals which automatically fill the player’s adrenaline to 100% when interacted with. The Hub will also provide a grouping area for players seeking to kill a specific boss.

There will be an achievement hub which will show off all the boss pets the player has obtained, which may be examined to inspect the player’s kill count. However, they will only appear for the player themselves; other players will not be able to see them.

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