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Learn New OSRS Forthos Dungeon with Location & Room Details

The latest Old School RS news post reveals the development of a new dungeon called OSRS Forthos Dungeon runescape gold . This dungeon is planned to release as a part of the Hosidius Rework.

Where can you find OSRS Forthos Dungeon?

The Forthos Dungeon can be found below the Forthos Ruin, a new area created with the Hosidius Rework. There will be two entrances. The catacombs entrance which currently leads to the giant sand crabs will be rerouted to the western entrance of this dungeon instead. This shortcut must be accessed from the inside before it can be used both ways.

Details of OSRS Forthos Dungeon rooms

1. Spider’s Den
There are twenty one temple spiders in this large multi-combat red spider nest. These are a more powerful species of red spider (level 75 Combat) with an improved loot table, and they are assignable as a Slayer task in this area by Konar.
2. The Grubby Chest
A locked gate there can be picked with 57 Thieving. Behind the door lies the Grubby Chest, uncommonly dropped by creatures throughout the dungeon. The chest contains an assortment of supplies and treasure, which will help you survive in the dungeon.
3. The Library
North of the Grubby chest is a library. This room contains 4 undead druids and various bookshelves that can be searched for three tattered tomes.
4. Altar of the Sun
There is a mysterious NPC called Olbertus who has found a curious artifact and an altar for recharging prayer points.
5. Sacrificial Chamber
Here adventurers have to explore the dungeon and figure out how to access the secret entrance from within the Crypt of the Moon. Once in there, a lever can be pulled which will open a previously locked door north of the Scorched Grotto.
6. Scorched Grotto
There are six red dragons and five baby red dragons. The west entrance leads to the library while to the north lies a shortcut to the northern half of the dungeon that requires 75 Agility to navigate.

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