With Burning Crusade Classic announced, players may be curious about the differences between Burning Crusade and Classic. If you are interested in, you can focus on the recap below to see several big changes in The TBC.

TBC Classic and Classic difference: new races added

One of the big differences between Burning Crusade and Classic is the new races. When The TBC is released, you will see the two new races added, including Draenei for Alliance and Blood Elves for Horde. What’s important is that the unique class for each race from Classic can be brought to the opposite factions in The Burning Crusade. This means that Draenei Shaman is available for Alliance and Blood Elf Paladin is available for the Horde. And Shamans and Paladins will be upgraded significantly in TBC.

More differences between Burning Crusade and Classic

On top of that, there are also several big changes in The Burning Crusade, such as:
1. Extend every class’s Talent trees by 10 points. And Talent tress in TBC now contains powerful and iconic 41 point talents.
2. Increase Class and Spec Diversity greatly. And the niche specs such as Protection Paladin and Enhancement Shaman are PVE viable in Burning Crusade Classic.
3. Add new spells and spell ranks in The TBC as you level from 60 to 70.
4. Add new secondary stats in Burning Crusade Classic. And all stats are changed to dynamic rating from percentages.

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