Then we get to the meta. The best players are those who are fast. Saeed Al-Owairan was one of the most sought-after players for most of FC 24Arsquo;s lifespan, despite the fact that his legacy has nothing on Baggio or Beckham. But heArsquo;s faster than them FC 24 Coins, so would cost you twice as many coins. Thierry Henry has been given awful cards for years, so nobody other than the most die-hard Arsenal fans will use him. Realism in FIFA died a long time ago, and women arenArsquo;t going to change that.


IArsquo;ve seen complaints that female players will be Alsquo;too metaArsquo; due to the fact that the likes of Sam Kerr will have the perfect combination of pace, stature, and skill moves to dominate matches. If youArsquo;re worried that your special Rudiger card will get dribbled past by a woman, I cordially invite you to touch grass. HeArsquo;s already outclassed by the most random special cards like PSGArsquo;s Vitinha or beaten in the air by Gigi Buffon whoArsquo;s up from centre back to get his head on a corner.


The Shapeshifters promo isnArsquo;t perfect, and it actually highlights one of the downsides of adding women to Ultimate Team in EA Sports FC. The pack weight is pretty dire, meaning that the special cards are hard to find in your loot boxes. I can only imagine this getting worse when hundreds of women, only a handful of which are superstars, flood the ecosystem too, and EA will have to tread very carefully in order to keep packs feeling fair.


This promo has been a breath of fresh air for Ultimate Team. Kyle Walker finally has his goalie card, and while IArsquo;m gutted that James MilnerArsquo;s End of an Era came a couple of weeks early (it would have fit his legacy perfectly if he could have played any position on the pitch, right?), IArsquo;m loving building a team of goalkeepers that can actually win matches. Shapeshifters isn’t realistic, but itArsquo;s fun! ThatArsquo;s what I want from a video game, and FIFA is at its very best when it leans into its arcade nature Andash; why do you think FIFA Street was so popular? Women are only going to add to the excitement for Ultimate Team managers buy EAFC 24 Coins, and I canArsquo;t wait. If you canArsquo;t deal with it, uninstall FIFA and buy Football Manager. But remember that requires some actual tactical nous, not just your wallet.


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