serbian vampires

serbian vampires

The first vampires. Many people wrongly believe that vampires were first discovered in Romania when in fact, vampires records date back as far as well over a thousands years. This wrong perception is understandable given the popularity of Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. However, a surgeon from Austria in the 1700’s was the first person to actually encounter Serbian vampires and live to record his findings.

Kisiljevo in Serbia

Kisiljevo, according to historical records, is home to at least a dozen graves in an ancient cemetery which are the resting place to some of the earliest recorded vampires that ever roamed the earth.

In fact, a 1732 autopsy report indicated a troop of soldiers explored Serbia with the express intent of proving whether or not vampires were real. They excavated the graves of individuals suspected of being vampires and drove stakes through the hearts of the corpses. In one case, an undead creature spurted blood and screamed in terror as a stake was driven through it’s heart.

The Vampire Petar Blagojevic

peter blagojevic vampires

Petar Blagojevic is one of those vampires reportedly staked during the day in 1732 while sleeping in a coffin; buried in his native soil. To this day, the Blagojevic family still lives in Serbia. Descendants of the creature, that once brought fear into the hearts of everyone living near Kisiljevo, still shun his name though.

After five generations, a member of the Blagojevic family was willing to entertain members of the media and the general public by discussing the legend that surrounds Petar. Curiously enough, the interview was suddenly pulled from the Internet by the original publisher of the case, an ABC Los Angeles affiliate. This only added more fuel to the fire that perhaps something sinister is happening in Kisiljevo.

Did Petar Return?

If Petar has returned, who or what could have released him? Was he released from his eternal slumber by someone who removed the stake from his heart? … perhaps a relative seeking vengeance for a lifetime of ridicule and torment for enduring the family name?

Or, is it possible that the so-called descendant who bantered back and forth with the reporter was actually Petar? This would not be the first time that a creature of the night sought out the limelight temporarily. It would also be amusing for a vampire to emulate the many books, movies and TV shows depicting vampires coming out of the coffin without having to take on any of the actual risk that would be associated with such an admission.

Whether or not you believe Petar or one of his fellow vampires is stalking the residents of Kisiljevo, the fear of vampires is still very prevalent in the area. Many residents near the alleged vampire graves still keep garlic around their windows and doors for protection once night falls. Some residents indicated to the media they are aware that other cultures no longer believe in vampires but they have seen too many signs to be lulled into a false sense of security.

What conclusions can we draw from all of this information? There’s no denying that at least one vampire grave does exist in Serbia and even the ABC Los Angeles affiliate stated vampires are real during their coverage of this interesting case. When you combine these factors with recent unexplained events within the region, it is easy to see the link between Petar’s past and the actions that someone must have taken at some point to set him free.

Vampire hunters who want to experience the real thing are advised to head to the village of Kisiljevo, but be warned, vampires are not easy prey and don’t forget to take wooden stakes and garlic along for protection.


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