King Arthur Legend Of The Sword

King Arthur Had A Magical Sword Called Excalibur!

Well, this version of the story of Arthur and  Excalibur comes out of the rich mind of Guy Ritchie.

It is a ride into the world of medieval times where men wield their power through magic by making alliances with mystical creatures.

It is a sight to see when the power of the magical Excalibur comes full circle in Arthur’s hands.

The graphics and attention to detail makes sure of a pleasant experience while watching the battle between good and evil.

Rating: 7/10

king arthur

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Mordred, an iron fisted warlock, and his armies lay siege to Camelot, seeking to establish the dominance of magic-wielding mages over humankind.

Uther Pendragon, king of the Britons, infiltrates Mordred’s lair and beheads him, destroying his forces and saving Camelot.

Later that evening, Uther’s treacherous brother Vortigern, who covets the throne, orchestrates a coup and sacrifices his wife Elsa to sea witches in order to summon a demon knight, who kills Uther’s wife and slays him in combat.

The only survivor is Uther’s son, who drifts away in a boat and eventually ends up in Londinium, where he is found and raised by prostitutes, who name him Arthur.

Arthur grows into a skilled fighter and man of the streets, alongside his friends Tristan and Backlack.

The three confront a group of Vikings headed by Kjartan, who had mistreated one of the prostitutes, forcing them to pay her a year’s wages for their behavior.

Afterwards, the brothel is raided by the Blacklegs, Vortigern’s minions, and Arthur learns that the Vikings were guests of the king and attacking them, therefore, constitutes a crime against him personally.

Arthur tries to escape the city, but is caught and put on a ship with hundreds of other men.

He learns that a mysterious, magic sword has appeared near Vortigern’s castle, and the Blacklegs have been forcing all men of Arthur’s age to try to pull it from the surrounding stone.


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