Japanese Hotel Rents Out An Alpaca Wedding Witness

Alpaca Wedding Witness. The Epinard Nasu Hotel, in Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture, offers a highly unconventional wedding service.

Newlyweds can rent a cute, fluffy alpaca from a nearby zoo to act as a witness to their wedding.

No one really knows when the hotel started using alpacas to attract customers, or how they came up with the unique idea.

But judging from the number of photos happy newlyweds have been posting on Japanese social media lately, it’s definitely becoming popular.

alpaca wedding witness

The ceremony is performed in a simple but alluring chapel decorated by the hotel staff members.

The bride and groom can then make their way down the aisle with an unusual twist.

The alpaca is led by an experienced handler who ensures that it behaves accordingly and guests are advised to give the cute and furry animal some space as it has a tendency to spit.

The dedicated alpaca trainer later handles the furry guest while wedding photographs are taken.

alpaca wedding witness

It’s not that alpacas are good luck charms, nor are they part of some obscure Japanese ritual, they’re just cute and a sure way to make a wedding memorable.

Still, some things not even the most experienced trainers can prevent, so if you smell something funny during the proceedings, just ignore it.

Usually they just stand there as the newlyweds exchange vows and declare their love for each other, kind of like human witnesses do.

Hotel Epinard Nasu offers a special “Alpaca Wedding” package for only 488,000 yen (US $4,473).

alpaca wedding witness

This already includes a wedding dress and tuxedo rental, a chapel wedding ceremony, a photo album, a night at the hotel and dinner.

What more could you ask for? This package could just be what you need to make your special day the wedding of your dreams.

This is definitely something unique and extraordinary to include into your wedding plans!

Hotel Epinard Nasu

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