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It will probably be another ordinary kingdom.

It will be a huge-scale Barbarian village, as I believe that it would be. Villages, people are able to help one another out. Fisherman donate to RS gold chefs, and cookers help fighters. It will likely be quite big, I believe. It will have an entry point as well as hunter outposts. These would be the only places which wouldn’t freeze. .

You can also track big game, like mammoths across the continent and then bring them down. fishers could fish special fish that are only in the frigid northern waters. the clothes (made of mammoth fur) could degrade, causing crafters to be very important and keep goods moving. The frostbite timer could be set by lighting a fire close to it, and then standing near it. There are special artic trees that are scattered across the continent. Penguin patrols could be a constant menace. You might also find specific ores.

It will probably be another ordinary kingdom. If we’re lucky, we could get some feudal Japan systems. Minigame based quests. Prior to when NR was released, I thought this would never occur. I was skeptical so I kept a few ideas in my mind.

PC- Step into a world ravaged by insects. It would have destroyed cities, with pests everywhere. After obtaining artifacts that give us more information about the pests, we were able to discover survivors of the native race. They are a disease that affects and alters mechanical and biological matter. We’d have to battle various kinds of insects, ultimately taking down the queen of this planet and sealing the portal to the next one. (continue similarly until homeworld is attained). Afterwards, (groan) discover that the pests have been defeated in multiple portals. Have fun

Stealing Creation – You have two options: either aid Zaros’s army in building bodies, or help the lord who is in complete debt by stopping the construction of bodies.

I have noticed this some time ago when a lot of people believed that the Slayerdart doesn’t have a magic bonus’ (which isn’t true) But it has been spreaded for so long that it is fake, yet i observed that lots of people are still using it! Here’s a man who has already attained 91magic and is extremely high overal. He cheap RuneScape gold played slayerdart for a few day at barrows, and obtained 400k xp. If he had utilized firewave (which gives you the same power but also gives you more knowledge) it would have gained 1.25m.

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