Imagine it as a bright, sunny day. The sun will blind RS gold you again when you go outside. You can shut your eyes partially and keep them that manner or wear sunglasses. Whatever you choose to do, you will always block some of the light that’s shining in your eyes.

In the previous scenario, based on the situation, your eyes may be closed or open. The amount and quality of light you have available will determine how much light you can filter. This idea, which I call dynamic filtring, is easily comprehended in every aspect of life.

Certain communities face the issue that they stick to a policy or filter for too long. The reason for this is that situations change quickly and community leaders are not in a position to modify their policies to accommodate the changing circumstances.

In Jagex’s case, they have set up a user-friendly policy and stuck to it, and (as as a consequence of this policy) the number of users and feedback is soaring. It’s like Jagex is enlarging their eyes whenever they see a bright beam of light. This causes them to not be capable of effectively reviewing all feedback and comply with any requests.

Jagex isn’t the only thing I worry about. It is encouraged for community leaders to establish policies to avoid confusion when choosing co-leaders. This is the way that policies are usually created, but as you hopefully realize now, sticking to the policy or filter for a long period of time comes with many disadvantages. Some sites filter the same amount ‘light’ even though activity drops. This causes huge inactivity and not enough site content being uploaded.

To help you understand more, I will use an example from my own life. When I moderate Clan Chats, my behavior and the way I conduct myself is determined by the chat participants. If there are just a few players on CC, I will try to engage with them, be amusing, and be silly.

But, when there are around 15 people on the chatroom, I get a little more serious (still friendly) and don’t become more personal than normal. This is due to the fact that I moderate chats in Clan Chats that are more full and more likely to have trolls. Dynamic filtering can also be employed.

Jagex’s March 2004 plan for “Randomly generated situations” is the second assumption. Each time you go on it, a new adventure is created for you and your buddies. “Form an adventure group and set off on buy RuneScape gold your personal quest” (source). The new skill is relevant.

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