Watering (and other tool use) is done with a left-click, and harvesting is done with a right-click. If you accidentally left-click to harvest with a pick in your hand Madden 23 Coins, you just smashed the crop you tended to for eight game days. I’ve also lost several fish by accidentally right-clicking while trying to reel them in with a left-click. (If all that sounds confusing, good. It is.)

I assume those things will get worked out throughout the Early Access period, though, so I’m not too bothered by them. Just be aware that if you download Coral Island during this period, you’re not getting a 100% finished product. According to the developers, you currently get one year of gameplay with four complete seasons, although winter is still under construction.

With all that said, I love Coral Island. I’m having a blast playing it, and even though many of the gameplay elements feel familiar, it’s still entertaining. I even joked with a fellow colleague that the first few quests felt like they were pulled straight from Stardew Valley, but I changed my tune pretty quickly.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the game improves, expands, and develops through the early access period, which currently has no end date. The developers say that the full version will get a release date when it’s ready, which they expect to take about a year Buy Mut 23 Coins, but may take longer. If you’re a fan of the farm sim genre, be sure to check out Coral Island on Steam.

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