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I accepted that Runescape ought to have a pet ability

Not really a debate, just write your thoughts between the two. Old school was in place from 01-07, and the newschool started 08-Now RS 2007 Gold. Talk about adapting to the new way of playing (if you just recently joined from the 3 year break) Talk about the loot difference since new things have been added. The general ease of playing. Overall, it was fun.

I enjoy pking. This is definitely a far cry from oldschool piking. I used to wear a simple coif, looking like a complete novice. However, I was able to utilize runes that teleblock, snare and range pot msb 200 arrows range pot, and even dominate. The day I was wild, he returned in a clean attire and I was amused.

It takes a while to get used it. I was able to recognize when it was time to take a bite. It is much more difficult to eat now that there are fewer novices. I had difficulty eating at 20hp. They would eat at me, and then take me out. However, today they can to take me down with their claws.

Pking is always fun. I have the money to cover the 100k+ I lose each death. Never once did I think “this new runescape is a pain”. It’s normal for things to change. Accept it and adjust. I still use the old-fashioned methods of hitting OSRS Gold For Sale. With just 89 range, 60 attack and 70 str ( 🙁 ) I manage.

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