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How to Raise Item Level in WOW 8.2 with cheap wow classic gold on

With the opening of warcraft 8.2 Season 3, Blizzard has increased the level of loot across the board. However, the need item level for Raid is also higher, so we as a new upgrade up, how to quickly improve their own item level with wow classic gold cheap? Today we would like to share with you how to quickly improve their item level in WOW 8.2?

1. Benthic Gear

Players can purchase new Benthic gear in Patch 8.2 and upgrade it all the way to item level 430 for a currency “”.

Base: Item Level 385

Upgrade #1: Item Level 400

Upgrade #2: Item Level 415

2. Dungeons

Blizzard is buffing the item level of dungeon rewards by 30 item levels as well as their difficulty.

Normal: Item Level 370

Heroic: Item Level 385

Mythic: Item Level 400


3. Clear World quests

As our item level upgrade, the gears for our world quests will aslo get higher and higher.

4. Eternal Palace Raid

Raid Finder: Item Level 400

Normal: Item Level 415

Heroic: Item Level 430

Mythic: Item Level 445

5. Professions

New BoP items can be crafted in Rise of Azshara.

Item Level 415: Abyssal Synthetic Specs

Item Level 430: A5C-3N-D3D Synthetic Specs

Item Level 445: Charged A5C-3N-D3D Synthetic Specs

These are some of the ways to quickly improve your item level in WOW 8.2, hopefully it will be helpful to you. Finally, I share a more direct way to improve item level, that’s purchase Item Level Boosting Package 390~430 directly from Simple, fast, safe, worry free!

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