Is the NFC East’s game of the bubble a game of this week?

The most stakes for the playoffs this week will be in Eagles in the matchup between Philadelphia Madden 23 Coins. Washington. Philadelphia is on the outside looking in, Washington is currently seeded. However, Washington has been bitten by the Covid bug and also finds the missing personnel.

Another game that’s unfortunate that it’s being affected the same way. We might find a playoff slot being made by the Reserve/Covid roster for this game. Still, I think event a depleted Washington is adequate enough to be able to compete with the inconsistent Eagles So this is really intriguing.

How would how do you make the Jaguars look with out Urban Meyer?

This is the perfect week to demonstrate something that doesn’t require Meyer. The Jaguars will play their opponents the Texans in a game that they definitely can win but if they do are able to do so? That’s another matter. Rather than wondering too much about who will win, I’m more interested to observe how the players react to their new coach and if this team shows more joy.

Dan Campbell is a football robot. He’s a perfect fit for the Lions

We know that Dan Campbell exists. We have plenty of evidence that proves he’s human. He was a tight end in the Madden NFL 23. and went on to become a coach Buy Mut 23 Coins. But, I can’t help but believe that Campbell might be a computer created using an intelligent A.I. which was fed data exclusively from 80s football movies that feature gritty, classic football tropes.

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