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Have you seen that Runescape is consistently radiant?

Keep your prayers quick and make sure you protect yourself from magic. Once they are in place, switch off the lights and then digging with your spade OSRS Fire Cape. Zamorak wizards will spawn. They will be able to chit. When you are on your last few wizards, use your crossbow rune to kill everyone but one. Then, spam dig again. Then, back to the chinning

The cost of 1 death rune drop pays for 30 chinchompas. It requires 1 prayer potion to maintain that’s likely to kill around 20 wizards. So, if the death rune drop is 10%, you’ll break even. But the probability of death will likely be more. It probably doesn’t actually take an entire pot to throw 30 chins. Are you having any issues? Test and comment.

Template Runescape Poh Layout. This isn’t intended to be a submission for a Guide on Sal’s or any other thing. This is a rough sketch. I just thought I might share it since it helped me and might help another player if they are unhappy with the way their home is “shaping up”, so to speak.

Below is below a Template to help you design an outline for your “house of your desires”. It was created because I was frustrated by my house and the way it was laid out. It felt like a rats maze, trying to get to some of the rooms because I didn’t think so much about placement when I first started creating my POH. I ended up cleaning out all my spaces and making this template to aid me in re-creating them Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. My rooms are now exactly where I want to have them with a well-organized layout.

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