Hard Target 2

Professional MMA fighter Wes Baylor (Scott Adkins) takes on Tim Sutherland in a match at the MGM Grand. Upset with the judges’ score, Baylor tries to knock Sutherland out and accidentally kills him. Overwhelmed with guilt, Baylor enters self-imposed exile in Thailand.

hard target 2

Six months later, Baylor is still haunted by the death of Sutherland and competes in underground fight clubs.

A man, Aldrich (Robert Knepper), watches Baylor fight, and offers him $1 million for a private one-off match in Myanmar.

Upon arrival, Baylor is informed that he will be the victim of a lethal hunt organized by Aldrich.

Baylor is given a water bottle and money belt which, unbeknown to him, has a GPS tracker hidden inside.

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Rating: 7/10

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The hunting party consists of Sofia (Rhona Mitra), bullfighter Esparto (Adam Saunders), game designer Landon (Jamie Timony), Maduka (Gigi Veliciat), Jacob “Texas” Zimling (Peter Hardy), Zimling’s son Tobias (Sean Keenan), Aldrich’s right-hand man Madden (Temuera Morrison), and Aldrich himself.

In addition, the party is accompanied by a group of corrupt Myanmar Army soldiers.

Maduka hunts Baylor with a sniper rifle at a waterfall, but Baylor goes underwater, sneaks up on Maduka, and kills him.

While fleeing from them, Baylor comes across a local woman named Tha (Ann Truong) who helps him get to the border. As the hunt continues, Aldrich gives the hunters motorcycles equipped with guns and rocket launchers. Baylor fights them and commandeers a motorcycle, leaving Tha alone. Zimling and Tobias attempt to kill Tha, but Tobias has a brief change of heart and flees.

Tha then kills Zimling, while Baylor fights Sofia. After knocking her unconscious, he regroups with Tha and they run away. The two go to Tha’s house to treat wounds, where Baylor learns something strange about Tha and her village.

After running towards the border, Tha and Baylor come across a field full of landmines. Aldrich and the party arrive at the edge of the minefield, having tracked Baylor via the GPS.


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