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Guide: How to Defeat WOW Classic Maexxna Boss in Naxxramas Raid?

WOW Classic Maexxna is one of bosses available in Naxxramas. You can learn the useful tips below to defeat Maexxna easily. After defeating the boss, various drops can be looted, like Wraith Blade, Crystal Webbed Robe and so on.

Tips to defeat WOW Classic Maexxna in Naxxramas

Maexxna boss can be encountered in the Spider Wing of Naxxramas. While fight against Maexxna, it can use Poison Shock, Web Wrap, Summon Maexxna Spiderling and other abilities to attack you. But you can see the several tips below to help you with killing Maexxna boss:
1. Before the fight, Warriors, Hunters, Druids, Priests, Paladins and Shamans need to wear their Insignia of the Alliance in order to break out the cocoon.
2. Main tank should have their potion cooldown ready before the fight, which can be useful to counter Web Spray ability of Maexxna.
3. Tank Maexxna in the center of its web. When Maexxna faces away from the raid, melee need to damage it from behind, with ranged and healers behind it.
4. Ranged should get ready to move around the room in order to break out any cocoons from Web Wrap.
5. Melee need to stay behind Maexxna and prevent a cooldown from wasting during Web Spray.
6. To avoid Web Spray ability, you can use Flask of Petrification before casting the ability.

WOW Classic Maexxna drops in Naxxramas

When you defeat Naxxramas successfully in Naxxramas, you can be able to obtain these drops, including:
– Splinter of Atiesh
– Desecrated Gauntlets
– Desecrated Gloves
– Desecrated Handguards
– Wraith Blade
– Kiss of the Spider
– Pendant of Forgotten Names
– Maexxna’s Fang
– Crystal Webbed Robe

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