Roswell: Another Point Of View


Was the Roswell event something else?

Two key people were on hand to recover the debris from the Roswell saucer crash site: the base intelligence officer and a member of the Counter Intelligence Corps.



They directed the recovery of the debris, which consumed a good part of the following day, and loaded the pieces into two vehicles.

The debris was taken to Roswell AAF for disposition.

At about the same time, 100 miles away, Grady Barnett found what he believed to be a crashed saucer.

Nearby were four small dead bodies. They had frail limbs and large heads with big, slanted eyes.

According to Barnett, their bodies were encased in tight, one-piece, grey suits with no visible fasteners.

Again, the military was quick to arrive. All witnesses were ushered away and ordered not to speak of the event.

Press Release

On June 8, 1947, six days after the first event (all the debris may have been from the same vehicle), a press release approved by Lt. W. Haut, announced that saucer debris had been recovered by the 509th Bomb Group.

Roswell Weather Balloon
Roswell Weather Balloon

The debris from both finds was loaded aboard a B-29 and flown to Carswell AFB in Fort Worth, Texas where it was announced that it was nothing more than the remains of a standard weather balloon.

We are supposed to believe it took military intelligence officers an entire week to determine that the debris was from a weather balloon, an object any alert E-1 could have identified in about 30 seconds.

Since most officers do not scrub about pastures recovering debris from fallen objects, it must be assumed some enlisted men were on hand for the task.

Dozens, if not all, could have identified the object as a weather balloon if it was, indeed, a weather balloon.

But If Not A Weather Balloon, What Was It?

Let’s eliminate the two least likely possibilities: weather balloon and alien space craft. Instead let’s concentrate on discovering what the 509th might have carried away from the pastures in 1947.

X47b unmanned combat air system x planes
X-planes: X47b Unmanned Combat Air System

It is interesting to note that the period during the development, testing and evaluation of the X-planes, from 1947 to 1959, was also the period when most UFO sightings were reported.

Unidentified Flying Object reports dropped dramatically from a high of 1,501 in 1952 to only 167 during the last six months of 1959.

Of the 173 official reports filed in the first six months of 1960, only three were classified as “Unidentified.”

Real Or Fake

In 1974, Ground Saucer Watch, comprised of 500 engineers, physicists and astronomers, began using computer enhancement to determine if UFO photos were real or fakes.

Trent UFO Sighting
Trent UFO Sighting

Scanned onto a computer screen, the images are reduced to 245,000 pixels and the computer is programmed to assign each pixel a brightness rating.

Using color contouring, 3-D enhancement, and a number of other sophisticated tests, GSW engineers were able to prove conclusively that 90% of previously accepted UFO photographs were hoaxes.

Two of the most famous UFO photographs were taken by Paul Trent on May 11, 1950 at about 7:45 in the evening. Mrs. Trent was in the yard feeding her rabbits when she looked up and saw a large metal disc sailing silently across the sky. She called to her husband who got his camera from the car and snapped two shots of the disc before it accelerated and disappeared toward the west.

Fearing he might have photographed a secret U.S. aircraft, Mr. Trent told only a few friends about the incident. A reporter from the local newspaper heard of the sighting and eventually got the negatives. Within a week the photographs were printed on the cover of Life Magazine.

In 1969, after rigorous scrutiny, skeptical scientists working on the Condon Report accepted that the object in the photos could not be explained by any known natural or supernatural phenomena. They concluded, “…the photographs confirms precisely what the witnesses said they saw.”

GSW examined the photos and endorsed the Condon findings in 1974 when its experts concluded that the object in the two photographs was a real “nuts and bolts” solid object, between 60 and 90 feet in diameter with a flat, evenly lighted underside and had been at least one-half mile away from the observers.

One More

In 1947, Kenneth Arnold made his historic UFO sighting while flying his private plane near the Cascade Range in Washington State.

Yakima Indian Reservation
Yakima Indian Reservation

Nearby, in the inaccessible canyons and mountains of the Yakima Indian reservation, over 200 anomalous lights have been reported in the past 20 years.

Reports include stories of discs, fires, glowing canyons, sounds from underground, encounters and other odd phenomena.

Most reports are of bright lights moving low in the sky, swelling and pulsing with color. Some appear to be aware of humans, some cause automobile engines to quit, others affect nearby animals.


It seems entirely plausible that an experimental saucer-shaped aircraft might have overflown the Trent house in Oregon in 1950, a period of great activity in aircraft development in America.

It is less plausible that lights responding to human telepathic communication in Piedmont, Missouri are creations of the U.S. military or manipulations of the CIA.

They have been seen for centuries on every continent and by nearly every race of people, many of whom never even heard of the CIA or ever read a UFO report.

Unlocking the secrets of the lights may give us some of the answers to the continuing enigma of UFO’s.


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