Out of Body Experience 3

Out of Body Experience 3

OBE or Out of Body Experience is a term that was first used in 1943 by author George N. M. Tyrell.

Tyrell was looking for a broader scientific term to replace more supernatural or mystical terms such as “Spirit Walking” or the more common “Astral Projection”.

The concept of the Out Of Body Experience, simply put, is a sensation or hallucinatory experience of an individual leaving their physical bodies. Most OBE’s are encountered during near death experiences, as a result of hallucinogenic drugs, or in stages of deep sleep or comatose conditions.

During Near Death Experiences (NDE)

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The experience is greatly different compared to those who claim to “Astral Project”.  When someone comes close to dying, or experiencing a traumatic event, they may experience the sensation of leaving their bodies. Many survivors of horrific accidents or other

Near Death Experiences report leaving their body, hovering above it, and the sensation of moving toward a white light with a small percentage reporting on the presence of a deity such as a god or angel. They also hear voices calling to them and may encounter a departed loved one in the ether.

For those encountering this type of Out of Body Experience (OBE), it can be a powerful life affirming experience that solidifies or reinforces the belief in a god. Most people reporting on these experiences almost always share a similar experience. There have even been few instances of individuals claiming to have seen the devil and hell.

These types of NDE OBE’s are often exploited by the religious fanatics as proof that a higher power exists, some going so far as to fabricate their encounter with God during an OBE for monetary gain, only to admit later that they lied or were coerced.

Case in point, Andrew Malarkey, whose book about his OBE and subsequent grand tour of Paradise was the basis for the film “Heaven is For Real”. He later recanted and admitted to faking his experiences, including his near death.

For many others, OBE’s are very real and happen frequently

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There are individuals who claim that they have the ability to astral project. This is when they are able to leave their physical form and travel via the astral plane (spirit world) to destinations beyond. Whether it is to check on loved ones, visit friends or family, or simply go to places that being trapped within their physical shell simply does not allow.

“M” states that she is able to do this nightly

Her voyages take her to see her grandchildren who live 800 miles away. She claims to have walked around malls that have long closed for the night. One of her favorite OBE activities is encountering other “travelers” on the astral plane. Some are those with abilities just like hers, others are those who are on the final journey. Perhaps “M” is one of the kind faces those crossing over see on their way to the hereafter.

While some claim to be able to do this on a whim, others encounter a very real phenomenon that is terrifying and beyond comprehension, and completely unplanned.

“T” shares his story:

“I had a dream, I guess. It was so real. One moment I was falling asleep in my bed, the next I was suddenly in my parents house. It was late at night, just as it was in the real world. I could smell the familiar smells of the house, hear the creaking of the floors as the house settled, I could hear dogs barking outside.

I was aware of my parents’ dogs shuffling about in the back room. I was there, I can’t explain it, but I was actually there, cognizant of my surroundings. I became suddenly aware of something there with me, something evil, malevolent. It moved toward me, and the next thing I know I am back in my own bed, in the familiar surroundings of my own home.”

One of the most famous study cases was that of “Miss Z”:

She was a study participant who while asleep was able to reveal a set of numbers posted above her bed without having seen them. There were factors that skewed the results to a positive outcome, such as the fact that she was unobserved during the nighttime hours.

She simply could have stood up and seen the numbers, though the neurologists behind the study state that her brainwave activity was consistent with sleep state and if she had moved, the sensors to which she was connected would have triggered movement or transition from a stage of sleep to alert.

For more information on this historical case study visit http://www.psywww.com/asc/obe/missz.html

The truth about Out of Body Experience is

Out of Body Experiences are, like most supernatural or paranormal phenomenon, completely subjective as not everyone experiences them and those who do can only convey the experience to us, making us a secondhand source of information.

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