Telepathic dogmen

Telepathic dogmen

Telepathic dogmen (werewolves) stalk man in Pennsylvania.

For sure, Pennsylvania is known for the weird and strange, but this latest eye-witness report serves up a tale with a different flavor. This time one of our favorite werewolves, the dogman, has learned a new trick – telepathy.

The witness, named Zay, grew up hearing dogmen stories and recalls finding tracks in the mud around the forests of his home state. Zay believes these shapeshifters had lived in North American alongside other cryptids such as Bigfoot long before man settled the area.

According to Zay, these dogmen have a healthy respect for humans and avoid killing them where possible, although they have no aversion to slaughtering livestock and other animals. In addition to finding footprints and hearing sounds he attributes to their communication, Zay’s had several close encounters and (oddly enough) trusts the beasts. While we don’t recommend trying to make friendly with a large, deadly animal, Zay believes they don’t aim to harm people.

During one encounter, for example, Zay heard heavy breathing followed by a series of growls he described as ‘non-aggressive.’ He believes the dogmen were only alerting Zay to their presence. Doing what friendly werewolves do, they followed Zay closely for around fifteen minutes until, abruptly, he realized one was just behind him. Turning, he couldn’t see the shapeshifter, but in his mind, Zay received a clear image of a canine head and a snout. It was as if the creature was telling him what it was.

Zay says he’s less afraid of the telepathic dogmen than he would be of some people and happily walks through their territory, without fear of being attacked. He feels that these creatures should be respected and valued and left to live in their natural environments.

How this guy is still alive is beyond me.


By Templar

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