Ghostly Floating City Over China Sparks Fears Of Inter-Dimensional Portal

ghostly floating city over China
ghostly floating city over China
Ghostly Floating City Over Dalian China

A ghostly floating city sparks fear of an inter-dimensional portal to a parallel universe. New footage showing yet another ghostly floating city over China has gone viral online. The latest sighting occurred on Friday, 18 March 2016, in the major seaport city of Dalian, located in the south of the Liaoning Province of northeast China.

The ghostly floating city was witnessed by hundreds of stunned residents of Dalian who stopped to gawk and snap photographs of the massive ghost city with towering skyscrapers that loomed in fog or city smog over the Dalian harbor.

According to Chinese media reports, the floating city mirage seen along the port of Dalian during daylight hours looked like a fairy city floating over water. Witnesses watched the fairy city with eerie towering structures for several minutes before it disappeared.

The sighting in Dalian follows the October 2015 sighting of a ghostly city in the sky with towering skyscrapers by thousands of stunned residents of the city of Foshan in central Guangdong province. The sighting, which lasted only a few minutes, caused excitement because it came very soon after a similar sighting was reported in the southeast Jiangxi province of the country.

ghostly floating city over Huangshan China
Ghostly Floating City Over Huangshan China

A massive floating city with colossal skyscrapers was also seen hovering over Huangshan City in the southern Anhui province of China in 2011. Thousands of residents snapped pictures of the mysterious apparition. Other sightings were reported in Hastings, England, and California in the U.S.

The sightings have spurred claims in conspiracy theory circles that CERN scientists working on experiments to replicate conditions that occurred in the early stage of evolution of the universe may have opened an inter-dimensional portal to a parallel universe. Conspiracy theorists fear that opening a portal into another dimension could have catastrophic consequences for the world.

Project Blue Beam
Project Blue Beam

But other conspiracy theorists insist that the reports of floating cities from around the world could be a sign that the Illuminati elite are close to implementing the much-anticipated Project Blue Beam deception. That the sightings could be tests of the latest Project Blue Beam technology to see how people around the world would react when the New World Order (NWO) elites move to implement their sinister agenda.

Project Blue Beam, according to Serge Monast, a Quebecois conspiracy theorist, is a plan to take over the world by using holographic image projection technology to simulate the second coming of Christ. Some versions of the theory claim that the NWO elite will simulate an alien invasion.

But Scott C. Waring, editor of the UFO conspiracy theory blog, UFO Sightings Daily, has speculated that the phenomenon might be linked to aliens and UFOs.

“Did aliens construct a mothership that looks just like a Chinese city?” he wondered. “It’s a reflection off of a cloaked mothership. Yes, sometimes the cloak of a UFO can reflect like a mirror, and here it is doing just that. I have seen a UFO in the blue sky near a white cloud, but the UFO looked white, because its cloak was reflecting the color of the cloud.”

Fata Morgana Mirage
Fata Morgana Mirage

But meteorologists have dismissed the conspiracy theory claims, saying that the floating city can be explained as a natural phenomenon called fata morgana.

A fata morgana is a naturally occurring optical illusion on land or sea due to the inversion and distortion of light rays from objects at sea — such as boats and ships or structures on coastlines — passing through layers of air with different temperatures.


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