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A Vision of the Future Of Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, defined as intelligence exhibited by machines, is on everybody’s lips nowadays. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made many changes in our day to day life and has touched every industry, business, consumer and household in a meaningful way. Let’s take a look at the technological advancements where AI will be able to assist us in the future.

The Automobile Industry

The impact that AI has on the automobile industry is massive! New vehicles were already featuring AI by eight percent in 2015! As seen in numerous movies, like driverless cars, has AI technology became a reality as the base for future cars.

Machine Learning

The difference between machine learning and AI is that AI intelligently completes tasks. Machine learning enables machines to learn by being given specific data. Machine learning is considered a subset of AI. AI, big data and machine learning are being combined in the creation of autonomous systems with the primary aim to allow computers to learn automatically without human intervention.

artificial intelligence machine learning

Deep Learning

Machine learning is implemented through deep learning. This enables AI to operate without setbacks because learning is broken down into manageable pieces. The deep learning software mimics the activities in your brain’s neuron layers. Deep learning architectures such as Deep Artificial Neural Networks are a set of algorithms that address many important problems, such as image recognition and sound recognition.

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The Internet of Things

You may be familiar with the term the Internet of Things.  Its mark is visible across industries and the effect is expected to be even greater in the future. There are numerous applications from environmental monitoring to the smart home. And it functions with basic step of sensing, analyzing the data and finally transmitting data to other devices to act.

artificial intelligence

The Cognitive Capabilities

In the future, you will see a driverless revolution. Both cars and 18-wheel trucks will have AI capabilities. This will be accomplished with cognitive analysis to imitate the behaviour of humans with data mining capabilities and observing your behaviour patterns. Cognitive systems will interpret situations occurring in real life the same way you would.

This will require a much better understanding of unstructured data. This data will be able to respond in real time naturally. Dynamic operating conditions will be handled by cognitive capabilities as well. This is already being incorporated in vehicles by the car manufacturers. The technology of AI will enable communication between vehicles.

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The Mattress and Sleeping Patterns

In this new age, AI is helping people to sleep better. Mattresses are now available with unique features including temperature control, pressure and impact resistance and customizability. The manufacturers are using big data to learn from the sleeping habits and spending of consumers. AI algorithms can detect design flaws and evaluate new structures and materials prior to being delivered to the market.

As this technology improves, you will be more comfortable when you sleep. You will be able to purchase a smart bed in the future capable of learning and making adjustments to your sleep preferences. The mattress will detect if you are asleep or awake and adjust position and firmness. This will improve your sleeping patterns.

Dangerous Jobs

There are jobs like defusing bombs, working on toxic substances which requires careful monitoring and techniques. In future AI enabled robots can definitely be a winner for these jobs where human life risk is involved.

artificial intelligence

Health Care Industry

AI diagnostics systems could change how doctors diagnose heart disease and lung cancer. This could ultimately enable the health care industry to pick up on diseases at an early stage.

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Diagnosis of insomnia is difficult due to its complexity. Difficulty sleeping is due to a malfunction in your cycle of sleep. One cycle helps you remain awake when necessary, and the other enables you to sleep. Research is being conducted into AI algorithms processing data points to understand the causes and appropriate diagnoses of a disrupted sleep cycle.

The Capabilities of Artificial Intelligence

As the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence continue to expand the opportunities will become almost limitless. You will see a difference in almost every aspect of life due to this technology.



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