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Eddie Page – I’m A Hybrid, Half Alien And Half Human

‘Eddie Page claims to have been internally reconstructed by his alien relatives.’

After Eddie has had several years to analyze his life, and communicate with the aliens, a hypnotist suggested that Eddie tried a Hypnotic Deep Trance session to communicate with the Pleiadians  in real time.

This proved to be very interesting, as the hypnotist asked key questions as to the race’s origin, and lifestyles. Deep Trance Channeling with an entity (both physical and non-physical) are not normally done where physical interactions on the earth plane are also done.

This live deep trance session was probably only allowed by the aliens to help Eddie regain his confidence of his earthly life.

Eddie went on to explain that a Vietnam mission was so secret that only six people knew about it and that he did not know about the mission until hours before the drop off. Eddie also spoke about the two sides of the Vietnam war, the US version and the Vietnamese version.

Eddie spoke about his experiences in Vietnam and how he was picked up 500 miles away from the drop off base and found in a rice field. He was wearing a different uniform than his originally assigned one.

Eleven days has passed in what seemed to be only a few moments, but for Eddie, this would take years of unraveling. He got ready for his hypnotic session. He didn’t know what to expect and went in with an open mind.

After the regression started, the hypnotist put Eddie into a deep hypno-logical state and started to take him back into the years that have passed. He would see and remember experiences as if they were happening to someone else, so as to not go through the trauma of it happening to him again.

The hypnotist coached Eddie to stay detached from the experience. They regressed to the point just before the spaceship intervened and just after Eddie Page was shot by his enemy. Immediately, as Eddie went under, he started to feel the pain of being shot.

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Trance: A simulation of the actual events, in Eddie’s own words:

“I was running from the shooting that was happening all around us. I saw my tactical partner fall before me and felt a great loss of a good friend. Suddenly everything seems to slow and I see a very bright light beside me, lots and lots of light. Four people or beings are beside me, and I know I’m very badly wounded. The pain is great. I’m now on a table and beside me is that same small beings. There is some kind of equipment beside me and it is just floating there in the air, strange, there is no stand or table under it.”

Eddie went on to describe the equipment and what they were putting on his body. As soon as they put a silver coat on his back, the pain and cold disappeared. Eddie thought that he had died and gone to heaven and met some angels along the way. He was emerged in what seemed to be a type of liquid or gel, though he was still able to breath even while emerged.

Eddie went on to describe how he looked out through a porthole on the side of the ship and saw planet Earth getting smaller very fast. He spoke to the beings through telepathy. They were disturbed as to why he killed and destroyed people and property. They were appalled by what he was taught to do.

They then showed him photos of him when he was a child, and that he was transplanted with the offspring of a lady on earth. They used her to start up a new species since they weren’t able to reproduce.

In the ship they showed him humans and human embryos in holding tanks. The being, that was always with him, was called Aphara, and turned out to be his true father.

Eddie felt the emotions and shock, while he was aboard the ship, as if it was happening in real time.  The hypnotist relaxed Eddie by putting present thoughts into his head so as to forget the moment temporally.

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At this point, the hypnotist began to ask some questions that focused the energy on the beings.

The Deep Trance Channeling began

The hypnotist asked Eddie to ask the beings some questions.

At this point in the regression, Eddie began talking in a foreign language, something that sounded like Klingon of Star Trek. As it came from the deep subconscious, others who may have had contact could possibly also understand this language.

The beings responded through Eddie and started to talk about the Earth shifting soon, and that there are many like him on Earth.

Their galaxy is seven light years away and we cannot visibly see it, but it is visible from space -through the Hubbell telescope. Eddie mumbles something about seven years, eleven months, fourteen days, eight hours, twenty-three seconds.

The channeling continued with Aphara, Eddie’s true alien father. When asked if Aphara had ever spoken through human vocal cords before, the answer was “Yes”.

Eddie then read, for the first time, what he wrote during his automatic writing session and he was bewildered. He didn’t understand any of it. His wife Gillian tried to comfort him through the whole traumatic experience.

Shortly after this the hypnosis session was ended due to Eddie’s discomfort. It left everybody with more questions than answers since nothing concrete was learned from the experience. Only that something happened to Eddie that can’t be explained.

And Eddie? Eddie must live out his life adapting to his strange experiences that brought him to this point in his life.


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