We are aware that sleep affects our health, but what does the way we sleep do?

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Good posture is important throughout our daily lives: it matters how we sit, how we walk and so on. Though you’re unconscious, your posture at night while you sleep is also important, as how you catch those forty winks can have a long-term effect on your physical health.

If you wake up feeling cranky and creaky, it could be down to your body’s position as you rest.

The positions we choose to sleep in can tell us a lot about our moods and our health, equally they can affect our joints, how our organs function and our mental health. Here are some of the best sleeping positions to promote a good night’s sleep and a healthier quality of life.

Here’s a very reliable guide on the healthy sleeping positions.

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Whichever sleeping position you choose, support is the key to gaining the most from the health benefits.  Many of us find we get the best night’s sleep from supplementing our position with support pillows. Back sleepers, as an example, can place a small pillow under the arch of their spine to maintain alignment; or side sleepers can place a pillow between their knees to maintain spine and hip position. Adding in these pillows will create a far more relaxed and pain free nights sleep.



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