They Thought They Were Lucky When They Cheated Death

cheated death

People who cheat death think that they deserve to keep right on living. To die soon after would be just pointless and cruel on any level of cosmic life.

There are, however, those misfortuned souls that died soon after they eluded death.

The helicopter that mowed down earthquake survivors in their sleep

cheated death helicopter kills

Few things can spell out the word ‘apocalypse’ more deftly than an earthquake. Just think of the firm unshakeable ground under your feet starting to shift furiously. Where do you go?! What do you do?!

So, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit Oaxaca, Mexico, in February 2018, sending the citizens into a reel of panic. It was the third major quake in six months that crawled up on Mexico and Oaxaca was still recovering from the first disaster that killed 400 people. There was mercifully no deaths this time, but the day was not over.

It is understandable that they were fearful to sleep in any structure, like a house, and so a group set of to a field and slept on the ground or in vehicles. What they didn’t know was that a military helicopter was heading their way to evaluate the damage done by the earthquake. Due to unbeknown circumstances the pilot lost control of the helicopter and dropped in on the sleeping survivors. Fourteen people lost their lives with nearly two dozen sustaining injuries. The people on the helicopter survived with a few scratches.

A man survives a hot balloon crash just to die on the ground

cheated death balloon

To fly can make you feel utter freedom and terror simultaneously. You feel free from the pull of gravity and you feel vulnerable to that same pull of gravity. Bob Bickerdike experienced that paradox on many levels.

He and three of his buddies happened to go hot air ballooning in the French Alps in 2011. He was in his own balloon and his friends in another one when he flew into a mountain that was 6,000 feet high. Fortunately, he made it to the solid earth without serious injuries and even made a phone call to his friends to tell them that he was okay.

Surviving the fall out of the sky he thought the worst was over. However, he felt that the terrain where he landed was not save and decided to move to safer surroundings. He had noticed cottages about a half a mile from the crash site previously and decided to move into that direction.  But, unbeknown to him, there was a 1,300 feet deep ravine on his route that he didn’t see in the increasing darkness. He plummeted to his death.

A woman dies in a car crash after she sidestepped a plane crash

cheated death air france

Catching your flight can be treated as a matter of life and death, but Johanna Ganthaler brought truth to the saying.  Johanna and her husband were supposed to board Air France Flight 447 in 2009. They didn’t and because of that they made it home that day.

Flight 447 flew into a series of storm clouds. The pilot deactivated the autopilot after ice crippled the plane’s speed sensors. The confused human pilots made mistakes and it resulted in a fatal chain of errors that sent the plane into a deadly crash that killed all 228 people on board.

But the Ganthaler’s miraculous good fortune was not meant to be as they moved into the path of an oncoming truck while travelling through Austria less than two weeks later. Johanna was killed on impact and her husband was severely injured.

The man who was beaten to death after he survived a brain tumor

cheated death fishing

Jeffery Howell developed a life threatening brain tumor that had to be surgically removed in 2018. It must have been devastating news to him. To think that you have cancer in your brain and there is only one way out – they have to cut it out. The risks involved in such a situation can brought on stress that can shorten your time by itself.

Well, the operation was a success but Howell still died, three weeks after the operation. He was fishing down by the river and saw something that really disgusted him. A group of people was throwing bottles into the water and children were playing nearby. Thinking of the children’s safety he told them to knock it off. However, a fight ensued and he was hit over the head with a bottle, near his surgical scar. He died not long after that due to the trauma to the scar.

A man escaped the Pulse Nightclub shooting only to meet with his death at a party

cheated death Pulse Nightclub shooting

Chris Brodman wasn’t a lucky guy. His mother died when he was 17 and his relationship with his father worsened. His spine was fractured after that in 2007 when a car smash threw him through his windshield. And then things got really bad for him. He was diagnosed with HIV and hepatitis as well as heart problems. But instead of drowning in his sorrows he still brought joy to the lives of those who knew him.

The night of the massacre at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. Brodman was having a cigarette on the patio when all hell broke loose inside the club. Self-preservation became his friend in an instance and he and a group of other people brought down a fence and ran for their lives. Three months later his time was up. While at a party in Tampa he took a cigarette break and stepped out. He suddenly collapsed and before anyone realized what was happening he was dead. The blood vessels in his brain was compromised by a genetic defect and ruptured without warning, killing him.

A woman got out of a car wreck into oncoming traffic

cheated death car accident

Brittany Leith had a bright future ahead of her in 2015. She had a 3-year old little girl and was working herself up to become a hairdresser. Her beloved grandmother supported her and told Brittany what a great mom she was. But everything ended tragically on that fateful morning of November 30.

Brittany was returning home after visiting a friend when her vehicle hit a median and overtuned. Two concerned drivers helped her to the shoulder of the road. She appeared to be in physical good shape, but what happened next begged the question of her mental wellbeing at that moment. Motorists tried to persuade her to stay on the shoulder of the road, but she insisted on crossing three lanes of oncoming traffic. She wanted to grab items out of her overturned car. Along the way she stepped in front of a moving car and the driver saw her too late.

There is a question, or two, out there. Are people predestined to die at a certain time? And if they somehow survive that moment, does the universe step in to get them where they are suppose to be in the afterlife?


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