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The Strange Folklore And Atmosphere In Nevada’s Desert Around Area 51

Area 51 Outside Of The Little A'le'inn In Rachel, Nevada

Area 51 Outside Of The Little A'le'inn In Rachel, Nevada

Ryan Koopmans tells the story:   GQ Magazine assigned us to photograph the atmosphere and culture around Area 51, a highly secretive and much talked-about US airforce institution located in the desert of Nevada.

We met with local business owners and residents living in the vicinity and asked them about their everyday lives and extraterrestrial experiences. Their feedback inspired us to make photographs that captured the surreal mood and uncanny aura of the region.

The dust had settled in Nevada after the “Storm Area 51” event that happened a few months ago. With this in mind, I thought it’d be a great opportunity for my personal flashback of the area. Last summer I photographed, along with photographer Alice Wexell, around the Area 51 region in the Nevada Desert.

We spoke to local people and drove back roads towards the gates of the facility. As expected, lots of UFO and alien depictions and paraphernalia could be seen around the place, as it is a true place of myth for urban folklore.

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No aliens were spotted, though. However, the landscape is surreal and at times feels out of this world. I hope you’ll appreciate my gallery of the notorious Area 51!

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