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Stunning Photos Of The Carefree Life Of This Adorable Cat (With Friend)

adorable cat featured

adorable cat featured

Adorable cat. Alessandra from Liguria, a beautiful region in Italy, has dedicated her Instagram to her pet cat and it was a very wise choice. Grisu, the adorable Kurilian Bobtail, is such a photogenic kitty, it’s an absolute joy to look at his cute photos. No wonder 62.9k people are following the account.

The woman is documenting her pet feline virtually everywhere he goes. Whether Grisu is enjoying the sun on a rooftop or munching on some tasty snacks, Alessandra is there to capture the cat’s behavior. Moreover, Alessandra also possesses the ability to do so in the most amusing ways. The composition, lighting, and other creative choices that she makes really accentuate Grisu’s playful and quirky personality.

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