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Scott Bisson Brings Whimsical Creatures to Life



Artist Scott Bisson translates his love of nature through the timeless art of glassblowing. He creates colorful, whimsical sculptures of creatures like frogs, geckos, octopi, and snakes. Each has their own idiosyncrasies, and Bisson does their unique qualities justice with the amount of intricate details he expresses in his work. Tactile scales, tiny webbed-toes, and finely-curved antennas are all visible, along with decorative psychedelic swirls. Although Bisson has been a glassblower for 19 years, his fascination with the material goes back further than that. To high school, in fact, when he bent his first glass tube in chemistry class.

He was later a hobbyist for several years until he took classes and studied under talented professionals. Bisson even travelled from his home state of Oregon to Murono, Italy and further honed his craft. Having the skill to produce these delightful sculptures isn’t enough for the artist. “I put a little bit of myself into every work of art I create. That is how I breath life into each piece,” Bisson writes. He hates limitations and prides himself on taking chances that other artists might shy away from. “If I don’t lose a piece a day from getting in over my head, then I am not pushing myself hard enough. Skill is the raw material of a great piece, and drive and energy make it take shape.”

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