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Artist Creates Incredibly Detailed Artworks with Kitchen Salt

incredible artworks

Croatian artist Dino Tomic usually works with conventional materials like pencils and paper, but his latest project has him spreading kitchen salt on a black background to create incredible artworks and Indian mandalas. The Norway-based salt wizard, who works as an art teacher and tattoo artist, starts off with a large black canvas and uses a plastic bottle or a paper cone to painstakingly squeeze out the grainy mineral until he completes his mind blowing masterpieces.

“My wrist was hurting from so much drawing so I needed to take a break,” the young artist told Buzzfeed. “I started with salt three weeks ago just to relax my wrist, because I only use my shoulder.” Looking at how detailed his creations are, you would think he has been doing this kind of work all his life. However, Tomic says working with salt is very similar to airbrushing, which he had some experience with, so drawing with the basic food ingredient really wasn’t very hard to get into.

That doesn’t mean creating such detailed works of art with salt is an easy job. One of his latest designs, a giant Indian Mandala, reportedly took him 25 hours to complete, over a period of three days. Knowing just how much time and patience goes into each one of these beautiful salt paintings makes watching Tomic casually destroying them in just a few seconds after they’re done even more painful.

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Ever since he started working with salt, and especially after posting a couple of portraits of characters from the uber-popular Game of Thrones TV series, Dino Tomic’s Instagram profile simply blew up. His new art form has been picked up and featured by dozens of high-profile design websites and blogs, and his follower count is constantly growing. Somehow I doubt he’ll forget all about salt art it when his wrist pain goes away.

incredible artworks

incredible artworks
incredible artworks


Dino Tomic/Instagram

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