Hyper-Environmental Skyscraper Acts Like A Squid 

Hyper-environmental skyscraper acts like a squid. Animal-inspired architecture has undoubtedly been on the rise. The long legs of giraffes and spiders seem to naturally lend themselves to lofty buildings floating on spindly appendages.

But what about creatures of the deep? You won’t need scuba gear to witness the squid-like form of Biotic-Tech Skyscraper City by GPT Architecture in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Responding to economic, ecological, and energy crises, the building is designed to be adaptive to its surroundings, taking cues from sea creatures that live in difficult natural environments.


The qualities of this biomimicry include transparency, flexibility, movement and protective pigmentation. These characteristics are used to address the main elements (sun, air flow, water, and vegetation) that influence the technological envelope and unique shape of the tower. The design responds to the Canary Islands’ intense sunshine with both active and passive systems.


Actively, the facade is covered in “micro-umbrellas” which can open or close to maximum surface coverage to block the sunshine; while also collecting solar power, as they are covered in photovoltaics. The double-screen glass facade provides passive temperature controls to provide a comfortable environment and protect the interior.



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