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This Adorable Puppy Will Try EVERYTHING To Get His Stolen Bed Back



Don’t you just hate it when you’re looking forward to some quality relaxation time and you found out that someone stole your comfortable bed? Well, Pixel the French bulldog puppy certainly does.

The 10-week-old French bulldog owns a nice green, comfy fortress which was stolen by a cat while he was busy someplace else.

The stony-faced Calico cat would not get out of the bed when Pixel arrived, so the little dog began the lengthy process of trying to evict his territory. Pixel won’t let such an injustice stand.


At first, he tried to growl so the cat will be frightened but when that did not work, he began to use physical force to remove the bed from under the cat.

However, he encountered a really big problem: the cat just wasn’t impressed enough with his efforts. The bored feline simply watched while the cute little mutt tried everything he could to move the bed.

One can just hear the cat thinking: “amuse me, slave”.

Watch the ADORABLE video below, maybe he’ll reclaim his kingdom:

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