Armageddon-Proof Survival Pod Proves a Big Hit

Armageddon-Proof Survival Pod

You may be all happy and carefree today celebrating public holidays, but don’t forget about the end of days. Luckily, there’s a way around it – a survival pod built by a Chinese inventor who claims it can withstand the end of the world.

It’s big, it’s round, and apparently it will keep you alive in case of a natural disaster or a nuclear meltdown. Officially, it’s called the “Atlantis”, but everyone has started calling it a modern-day Noah’s Arc. Chinese entrepreneur and inventor Yang Zongfu worked on his survival pod for two years and spent around $150,000 making it as durable as possible. Back in August 2012, he announced a series of public tests which would prove his Armageddon-proof survival pod was ready for the end of the world.

On August 6, he climbed inside the Atlantis and was pushed down a 50-meter obstacle course on the side of a hill, over a bed of rocks and into a pool. Sadly, as soon as it hit the water, the arc’s door opened proving it was less than water tight. The inventor himself came out in one piece, but with a cut on his chin. But that didn’t discourage Yang, who moved on to the fire test, in which he set a smaller version of the Atlantis on fire, and pulled out a frozen ice-cream that had been perfectly preserved inside.

Armageddon-Proof Survival Pod 1

According to Yang Zongfu, the Atlantis can withstand temperatures of up to 1700 degrees Celsius, and impact forces of 350 tons. It can float on water, and is equipped with safety seats, a communication system, a first aid kit and a toilet. This new-age Noah’s Arc has room for ten people and can carry enough food supplies to keep them alive for 10 months. You’ll be glad to know the inventor doesn’t plan on keeping the secret to surviving the end of the world to himself.

Yang plans to sell Atlantis survival pods to survivalists crazy rich enough to buy them. Oriental Outlook, a Shanghai-based magazine, recently reported Yang Zongfu has so far received 21 orders for his doomsday ark, which is built in accordance with customer requests and has its own custom interior design. Because if you’re going to survive the apocalypse, you might as well do it in style!



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