Gods Of Egypt

Gods of Egypt is a 2016 American-Australian fantasy action-adventure film.

gods of egypt

The gods of Egypt are distinguished from humans by their greater height, golden blood, and ability to transform into their animal-headed deity forms.

The film portrays a mortal Egyptian hero who partners with the Egyptian god Horus to save the world from Set and rescue his love.

Rating: 8/10

gods of egypt

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Bek, a thief with little faith in gods and their goodwill towards humans, with his love Zaya are attending the coronation of Horus: God of the Air.

Horus is shown getting ready for his coronation as his love Hathor surprises him.

Horus hints at marriage and they discuss Hathor’s protection bracelet made of the stars which Horus gave to her to protect and save her from her previous role as a guide to dead souls in the underworld.

During the ceremony, Osiris is killed by his extremely jealous brother Set: God of the Desert who seizes the throne and declares a new regime where the dead will have to pay with riches to pass into the afterlife.

Horus is stripped of his eyes, which are the source of his power, and almost killed.

Hathor pleads with Set in surrender to spare him and he is instead exiled. Hathor becomes an enslaved mistress to Set.

A year later, Bek has been working as a slave building monuments while Zaya is now under the ownership of the chief architect Urshu.

Believing that Horus is the only one who can defeat Set, she gives Bek the floor plans to Set’s treasure vault.

Bek is able to steal back one of Horus’ eyes.


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