get your ex back

get your ex back

Get your ex back. Undoubtedly, it’s extremely painful to know your ex is now seeing someone else if you still want to win them back.

People who have been there really can’t forget the sadness and desperation at that moment. But don’t take it too negatively, and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve lost your beloved forever. If the situation could be handled properly, there are still ways to get your ex back, even though they’re seeing someone else now.

Control your emotion system and be cool

On hearing or seeing your ex hooking up with others, perhaps you can’t do anything but feel panic, mad or even desperate. And your emotions suddenly get out of control. It’s understandable, but you’ll definitely lose the game if you stay buried in these feelings. The first thing you need to do is to control your emotions and cool down. Panic can’t be any help but make things more worse.

So, what can you can do with your emotion system in disorder?

Give your ex some positive response as naturally as you can

After you’ve persuaded yourself to calm down send some positive response to your ex and show them you’ve accepted the breakup and their new relationship in a healthy way. If there is any chance to meet them in person – just let them know you’re handling the whole thing rationally and maturely. That may shock your ex and make them want to re-know you all over again.

Even if you two don’t have the opportunity to meet, it’s also a good idea to send them a brief text or email, telling them you’re okay with the breakup, that you respect their decisions and wish them a happy life. Everyone deserves respect, even if you don’t agree with them, or if they did something bad and hurt you previously. In addition, your respect should not be pretended, but must come truly from the deepness of your heart, if you really love them.

Determining if your ex is in a serious relationship or in a rebound one is the next step to get your ex back.

We all know what a rebound relationship is and where this type of love is fatefully going. It might not be pretty serious because people who just experienced a breakup tend to hop into a rebound relationship to take a breath and cure their hurt.

If it turns out to be a rebound relationship then you’ve got nothing to worry about. Sooner or later they’ll break up. What you need to do is to just patiently wait and let that relationship run its course.

What can you do to get your ex back if they are taking their new relationship seriously?

Even if the new lover is not a replacement, and they are quite serious about the new relationship, you still don’t have to be desperate. However, under this circumstances, the process will take longer and it will take you more time and patience. Nevertheless, the good news is, mostly, if your ex made a decision to move on then they won’t avoid you anymore. So it’ll be easier to approach them.

They won’t resist you as a friend and probably will see you as even closer than others. Thus, you’ll have more chances to be with them and be treated more sincerely than in a situation where they found a rebound relationship to get back at you. You can hang out together sometimes to re-establish trust and “friendship”, but don’t do that too much. Remember, you are now just a friend of theirs.

Try to get along with your ex in a quite different way

Whether you believe or not, you’ll be completely different in your ex’s eyes, once you’re not lovers anymore but merely friends. It would seem weird now that you two have less disputes and more agreements than before. Your ex probably didn’t believe that you two can get along in such a different and peaceful way. They’ll notice that you have so many charming characteristics that didn’t show before. Is it because you’re just a friend now or didn’t your ex noticed them before?

Perhaps they are wondering why their new lover is not as considerate as you, and they may unconsciously tell you some issues in their new relationship. It’s surely a good sign for you to get your ex back at some future time.

Always be there for your ex, anytime they need you, even just as a friend

If your ex has any problem and they need you always be there for them, whatever the problem is. Just be sure you’re engaging and open. But remember not to bring up any awkward topic referring to their previous mistakes. It’s definitely not the right time to figure out the responsibility of your breakup. And they’ll feel regret and guilty for ever letting you go. Bringing up past memories will only make things uncomfortable. Let they lead the relationship and always remain calm.

Maybe the next step isn’t just your effort alone to get your ex back. Instead they may be considering how to get back with you as well. Does it sound too good to be true? Be patient and you have a great chance to get there.

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