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For OSRS Last Man Standing Beta, What Changes have been Made?

Since the Last Man Standing beta was active from last week, the Old School team rs3 gold have made some changes based on players’ feedback.

Main changes implemented this week

1.Combat is allowed now immediately the shouted countdown ends instead of giving a second grace period (You only could move not fight).
2.You can get 11 sharks as the basic supplies rather than 12.
3.The starting equipment will not contain the Ava’s accumalator again.
4.The Dragon warhammer is replaced by a Mages book, since it doesn’t seem powerful enough to warrant a place as loot.
5.At the start of a game, each group will have 6 players spawning so as to reduce players being the odd one out without a fight at the start.
6.There are glowing orbs (showing its boundary) now in the final area, which size is doubled, while some chests have been moved to the newly expanded final areas.
7.To decrease the RNG element of the fights, diamond bolts have replaced the dragonstone bolts.
8.There are more chests added in the areas including all final areas.

Other changes hotfixed shortly after launch

Actually, shortly after the launch of the beta, the team have made some hotfixes already according to initial feedback. For example, the team have increased the PJ timer to about 20 seconds, allowing you to collect loot from bloody keys & prepare for the next fight. And once killing another player, starting equipment will be removed from the loot. Besides, dropped food and potions will be disappear after 5 seconds.

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20/11/2019 1:29 am

Can you tell us more about this? I’d love to find out more details.

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