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Finally, someone told me why I was banned.

Siel is extremely populated. I’ve heard that aion classic kinah leveling is difficult due to being ganked. I’m playing on another server and it’s not difficult to get level. You can message me if there are any questions. I’m willing to help.

This month, I decided to quit the classic. It’s not boring and the difficulty lies in the sheer volume of bots. It’s hard to enjoy the game because there are so many bots all around you. Goldsellers are also unsettling and NC Soft will not do shit about it..

It’s their decision. If I were cheating you’d think I’d be doing my thing as a level 22 Cleric raising my gathering skill, buffing other people while playing Manduri quests etc. You shouldn’t be blamed for not being able to believe me. I would not, either. But, I’m 100% honest. Shugo Console is not even an item I’m using!

Finally, someone told me why I was banned. Be aware, folks. Running SteelRake and completing the HairPin quest can result in being banned if you do it repeatedly. This is all I was doing , along with other members in the LFG group I was part of. The idea was to take out the mobs, then collect the 12 hairpins, and then head to the Shugo and continue into our quest. Then we would go back in Steel Rake and continue in this fashion. In fact, this is what most people would do even when the game first came out in 2009. I had no idea that this was an exploit! I’ve replied to them , asking if this was an exploit or a false positive on their end. To me, this isn’t an exploit and is it a deliberate move? Be careful in the event that you’re involved using the hairpin quest.

This is insane, there were LFG groups who posted for groups that had hairpin quests. I’d imagine alot those people were banned from the game without even knowing it was a bug. It didn’t take much to change the game. Instead of banning 15 percent of their players, why not just rectify the problem? Because I was to be busy with my farming app, I am grateful that I did not join any of these groups.

The account you have been using was found to be in violation of the Rules of Conduct and the User Agreement. This was confirmed through the use of an exploit within Steel Rake. Both game logs and reports have confirmed this abuse.

Your account was shut down for seven days due to this infraction. You are allowed to log back in once the suspension period of 7 days has buy aion classic kinah eu ended. Note that this decision is final and appeals won’t be considered.

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