FIFA has many popular modes such as Career mode and FUT 21. If you’re a beginner in FIFA 21, read these tips to play well in game.

  1. Pick the right edition: usually, the standard edition is good enough for most of the players.
  2. Complete the SBCs: The first SBCs will help you to get your first gold players. The matches are easy and the profit is almost guaranteed.
  3. Complete the Objectives: Complete all objectives. The sooner the better. Don’t forget to redeem the rewards, especially the coins boost item which is extremely useful in the early days.
  4. Buy FIFA coins and FIFA points: If you don’t mind spending real money, buy FIFA coins & FIFA points as soon as they are released. They are more valuable in the first days. The market tends to depreciate over time. Here you can check the prices.
  5. Practice: Practice and persistence are the keys to every success. Before playing against other players, we strongly recommend you to practice in the arena and complete all skill games. Like any other game, FIFA also has a learning curve that can speed up your progress.
  6. Use a trainer: All FIFA players, even the experienced ones better let the ‘Trainer’ turned on in their first matches. It will be useful to get used to the new movements in FIFA 21. This feature is also available for Co-Op matches.
  7. Building up a balanced squad: Focusing on building a top team on your first days in pointless. Instead, start with a weak one in which players could be used as substitutes or reserves in your final team.
  8. Sell your items: Be persistent and avoid discarding items that can be sold for a higher price. You can also use your unwanted items to submit the first SBCs available.
  9. Save your FIFA 21 coins: never use all your coins. Always put aside a few coins. The good deals come when least expected.

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