When thinking of gloves, Which are the best gloves for Melee that come to mind? If the answer is Ferocious gloves OSRS then yes, you are correct. They are a pair of melee gloves that give the best attack bonuses. To equip the gloves you must have level 80 Attack and Defence.
Ferocious gloves OSRS

The only downside of Ferocious gloves OSRS is that they do not offer any defensive stats and provide negatively ranged and magic attack bonuses, making them less effective when multiple attack styles are used.

How to Obtain Ferocious Gloves OSRS?

The Ferocious gloves must be made from Hydra leather which is a drop from the Alchemical Hydra. You’re gonna need to get a hammer and Hydra leather, which you can buy from GE. Next, you have to go into The Lithkren Vault located in the ruins of a dragonkin castle on Lithkren.

In the north-east corner of the Vault, next to the pool you can find a machine in the south-west corner, which you can use to turn Hydra leather into Ferocious gloves OSRS. Also, if you wish to sell the gloves, you can use the same machine to revert it to a piece of Hydra leather.

The Ferocious gloves are the best in the game, they are very good for PKing. OSRS Ferocious gloves give more than the Barrows gloves, but i don’t see why you can’t use them both in different situations. Also, you can buy Hydra leather from the Grand Exchange for around 17m, in case you don’t want to kill the Alchemical Hydra and get the leather from her.

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