From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn. Fugitive bank robbers and brothers Seth and Richie Gecko are fleeing the FBI and Texas police.

from dusk till dawn

They hold up and destroy a liquor store, killing the clerk and a Texas Ranger.

Two witnesses they held hostage in the store escape during the shooting.

The Geckos still hold a bank clerk hostage in the trunk of their car, whom Richie later rapes and murders.

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Rating: 8/10

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The Fuller family—Jacob, the father and a pastor who is experiencing a crisis of faith; his son Scott; and daughter Kate—are on a vacation in their RV.

They stop at a motel and are promptly kidnapped by the Geckos, who force the Fullers to smuggle them over the Mexican border.

Seth and Jacob make an uneasy truce: if the Geckos can make it past the border, Jacob and his family will come out of the ordeal unharmed.

They arrive at the “Titty Twister”, a strip club in the middle of a desolate part of Mexico, where the Geckos will be met by their contact, Carlos, at dawn.

The Geckos demand that the Fullers have a drink with them before leaving, despite Kate’s obvious discomfort.

Soon after entering the club, chaos ensues as the employees and strippers are all revealed to be vampires.

Most of the patrons are quickly killed, and Richie is bitten by the star stripper, Santanico Pandemonium, and bleeds to death.

Only Seth, Jacob, Kate, Scott, a biker named Sex Machine, and Frost—a Vietnam War veteran—survive the attack.

The slain patrons, including Richie, then come back to life as vampires, forcing Seth to kill his own brother.


Brother Bear

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