The key area of attack with FIFA 23 Coins this system is the midfield, and outnumbering your opponents is vital here. The triggers for L1/LB push your midfielders forward and use of one-two passes is essential to ensure success in this particular formation.

Certain FIFA players are also fond of using the 4-3-3 to pack out the midfield when they are trying to defend a lead. They prefer to place their three midfielders tightly in the central area.

The secret to 5-1-2-2 is the CDM. In the previous editions of FIFA 5-1-2, variants of 5-3-2/5-2-1-2/5-4-1 did not have an out-and-out CDM. There was a gap that separated the midfield from the defensive line thus led to these formations being more attacking in their outlook.

In FIFA 23 The CDM 5-1-2 changed the configuration completely. It’s a setup that allows your wing-backs to attack and when they go forward, they remain completely unmarked.

There is also an extra width on the flanks, you are able to attack in the narrowest of systems, but defensively you are stable with a back line that is five strong, a strong CDM and two central midfielders to provide defensive support.

Dujan Kulusevski was the first Road To The Knockout SBC in FIFA 23. With an Architect this card could be long. Indeed, Spurs may be decent in the Champion’s League. However, the card is pretty expensive , especially when compared to the Sterling SBC that was released yesterday. The two cards are compared below.

This is our chance to give an impartial opinion – in our view, Kulusevski is absolutely not worth this amount of money. Even with the potential of one or two, or maybe even three, if Spurs continue to make upgrading are not worth this kind of cash. Let’s look at this card in comparison to the Sterling Ones To Watch card from yesterday’s live SBC.

However, this isn’t all bad. Kulusevski is a solid and FUT 23 buy Coins  balanced card with solid 80+ stats in all the areas it matters (including an impressive 87 long shots for those wing cut-in shots) along with plenty of speed and agility.

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