Dr Strange

Dr Strange. In New York City, Stephen Strange, an acclaimed but arrogant neurosurgeon, badly injures his hands in a car accident, leaving him unable to operate.

dr strange

Fellow surgeon and former lover Christine Palmer tries to help him move on, but Strange vainly pursues experimental surgeries to heal his hands.

Strange eventually learns of Jonathan Pangborn, a paraplegic who mysteriously regained full use of his legs. Pangborn directs Strange to Kamar-Taj.

There he is taken in by Mordo, a sorcerer under the Ancient One.

The Ancient One demonstrates her power to Strange, revealing the astral plane and other dimensions such as the Mirror Dimension.

Rating: 8/10

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Strange studies under the Ancient One and Mordo, and from ancient books in the library.

It is now guarded by the master Wong.

Strange learns that Earth is protected from threats from other dimensions by a shield generated from three buildings called Sanctums, in New York City, London, and Hong Kong.

They are all connected and accessible from Kamar-Taj.

The sorcerers’ task is to protect the Sanctums, though Pangborn instead chose to channel mystical energy into just walking again.

Strange progresses quickly, and secretly reads the text from which Kaecilius stole pages, learning to bend time with the mystical Eye of Agamotto.

Mordo and Wong warn Strange against breaking the laws of nature, drawing a comparison to Kaecilius’ desire for eternal life.


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