Ravens(+6.5)against Texans Watch our Game of the  Madden 24 coins Millennium preview in which Ray Rice is the most boring running back in the world,Arian Foster is a fortune teller,and Wade Phillips is Frank White.

Packers(-6)in the game against Rams–You know what it’s like to know that Aaron Rodgers is no.one on everyone’s quarterback rankings pretty much by default?The games of Sunday night serve as a good reminder of why.24/37,338 yards,6 TDs.If RG3 made this play there would be an en masse of columns about how he beats you with the legs of his arm and his legs and is going to be the new standard for everything.But in the event that Aaron Rodgers does it,we’re all like,”Well shit,that’s the reason he’s Aaron Rodgers.”

Cowboys(-2.5)at Panthers-at some point,I’ll be writing a 10,000 word screed running through all the ways the Cowboys have caused me to go insane for the past decade However,for the time being I’m thankful that I had a flight to catch during that Ravens football game this week.This could be the last nail for me this season.

Redskins(+6.5)on the road against Giants(6.5)at Giants Osi Umenyora is getting rather sarcastic over everything Bob Griffin praise this week while Jason Pierre-Paul hasn’t been being quite so polite.(via New York Daily News):

“Don’t bring it to me.Take the opposite route.Trust me,we pursue quarterbacks every single day.We are always running to the ball,regardless of the circumstance.We might see him sneak past us and speed right through us,but trust me when I say we’re just behind him….You’d be amazed.I was very surprised.”

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks,with the coming Super Bowl and the events of Media Day on Tuesday dominating headlines.It all culminates in Super Bowl 49 on Sunday.There’s  mut 24 coins for sale one final big event before kickoff,however there is this year’s Madden NFL 24 Honors show on the night of Saturday,where the yearly awards will be presented to the best players in the league.It’s the Madden NFL 24 Honors show will also be the time when it is the time for the announcement of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2015 will be announced.

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