The Brazilian national team and Liverpool F.C. are each in good FC 24 Coins  hands with Alisson on the team sheet. You can be, too, if you select either squad in Kick-Off mode or make a bid for him in Ultimate Team. HeArsquo;s a well-rounded goalkeeper.

Alisson has 87 Reactions, which only benefits his save potential. He can also quickly get open for passes Amdash; essential for anyone looking to use their keeper during build-up play. His 85 Handling lessens the chance for rebounds and the need for him to make multiple saves.

BrazilArsquo;s national team is stacked with talented players, including goalkeepers. Ederson is continuously battling for the starting spot at the international level but is the go-to choice for Manchester CityArsquo;s starting eleven and is a unique option for building an English Premier League and Ligue 1 hybrid Ultimate Team.

EdersonArsquo;s 89 overall rating comes from a plethora of high-level stats, including 93 Goalkeeper Kicking Amdash; he can punt or kick the ball to the other half of the field without any issues, making for fast build-up play. In net, he has 88 Positioning and will almost always be in the right spot to make a save.

Despite not having much of a chance to shine at the international level, Slovenian goalkeeper Jan Oblak is a star in the La Liga show. He ranks at an 89 overall, potentially reaching a 91 in Career Mode. Oblak is a stellar keeper with well-rounded stats that you can use to shut down unassuming Strikers.

Oblak has showstopping attributes in Handling Amdash; he wonArsquo;t let up  buy Fut 24 Coins rebounds and is always in a position to make a save. His 87 Reactions bolster his already impressive stats. ItArsquo;s almost as if he can see into the future and figure out where the ball is going before itArsquo;s even struck.

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