The Deadly Repercussions Of The #metoo Movement

Let’s break the whole #metoo debacle down into bits to see the far reaching repercussions of this movement.

Men are accused of sexual misconduct, immediately found guilty, get fired from their jobs and their reputation is down the drain, forever. And then they get prosecuted.

I believe that there are those that were really abused but I also believe that there are a lot of cruel liars in the pot as well, looking for their fifteen minutes of fame or revenge.

The Rich And Famous

I’m not saying that the victims should not speak out. They should because it is their right. But really! Ten or fifteen years after the fact? What is that! Do you want to tell me that nobody would have listened to them? Or couldn’t they just tell their story to some newspaper or other news outlet?

No, that is not the path they wanted to go. Their CHOICE was to take the abuse and further their careers. Yes, they had that choice.

Not only did the abuser get away with it, they empowered him to do it again and again. They would’ve stopped him in his tracks have they spoken out.

Now that their careers are made they all of a sudden want to talk about the abuse they endured fifteen years ago, at the hands of the man that made them famous or gave them a job.

Give me a break!

Regular Folks

And then #metoo spilled over into regular people’s life because you don’t have to have any kind of evidence to back up your story. Hell yeah, all that you have to do is say the words and bam! – he’s in deep trouble! That will teach him a lesson!

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What Now

The #metoo crowd has no idea how they destroyed the future of all women in all divisions of life. Or they just don’t care.

Women have worked hard, for decades, to get equality in society. And they have finally reached the point where they are accepted into the man’s world. And then this happened.

The Office

What does #metoo think what is going to happen now? Say for example for a woman in the office?

Do they for one moment think that their movement has no negative impact on her career? That everything is still the same in the office? That everybody is treating her the same way as they always have?

If you think that it is still so then you’re sniffing glue.

Office relations with women have already begun to change. Men make sure that they never alone with the female staff. They are no longer invited to join the men for after work drinks. They are no longer invited to private colleague parties.

In other words they are isolated. Men are making sure that they don’t end up on #metoo and if that means distancing themselves from women then that’s what they’ll do.

Having a girlfriend or going on a date

How many men does #metoo think trust their girlfriends completely to not throw him to the #metoo wolves? Do they think that guys don’t wander, when they look into her eyes, if she would remain trite and true should they have to break off the relationship one day? If it would be better just to break it off quickly, let the chips fall where they may and then swear to a life of celibacy? It would, after all, be a better life than one where a woman would accuse him of sexual abuse.

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Yes, men do take the #metoo movement this seriously. His reputation is his life.

The dating scene. How many guys are rethinking the whole dating thing? A lot. Why would he go through all that trouble just to end up on the #metoo criminal list?

The writing is on the wall

The whole man to woman relationship has changed in the office as well as in their personal lives. Men are checking out their odds for a trusting relationship with women.

Men with families have a better chance to feel trust than the single guy.

The single guy is in trouble.

I, personally, am seriously considering making recordings of every meeting with women. If she doesn’t like it then she can go away. My reputation has more worth to me than my privacy.


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