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Dawn of the Awakening. Quests: While Guthix Sleep

One Solar Guardian kneels down, and RS gold throws the nightmare logs in the hole. A second Solar Guardian kneels down, and lights them by using the Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. Savarain Solar, stop!

Right-click on the orb and select Call Lunar Force (Player name) You had us fooled but I was able to see through your act the whole time! Lunar Force Appears and Savarain is quick to snap his fingers and orders the guards to strike. They hit 75s on all the Lunar Force members, and they fall down. Get ready for the fight for your life!

Solar Guardians become Solar Guardians (Level-90) Kill two of them, and then two more will appear currently at level 45. Get rid of them. Take a bite of food and get ready for a massive battle! BY THE POWER OF THE SOLAR Tribe, I hereby SUMMON SOLARUS! A ghost appears from the hole and flies down to the earth. He will get clearer and clearer for the eyes of a human, until he transforms into human. Solarus (Level-225).

Drink a Prayer Potion and get your best weapons! Keep in mind your shield from Melee as his staff transforms to a mace, the protect from missles when it transforms into a Wulyxiaora and the protect yourself from Magic when the Staff returns to normal, or else he’ll hit at least the upper 50s. If he is killed by a Sunstaff, he’ll drop the Solar Isle Sunstaff. Together with his Guardians, Savarain will snap out of the trance. Thank for your help, (Player Name). The evil ghost is gone! You are an ally of Solar Isle even if you’re one of the Lunar Fools.

Dawn of the Awakening. Quests: While Guthix Sleeps The goblin quest idea I had in the past, Ghostly Robes MiniQuest, everything else will have already been completed by now. Skills 65 Slayer, all the required quest skills, and anything else I might have left out.

Opening briefing: Lucien has not only gained the Staff of Armadyl but also the Stone of Jas. War is surely coming soon. Following the time that Lucien was given the Stone of Jas, the only man who might know about it left Lumbridge’s caves. The Red Axe Corporation is now back in Keldagrim and refuses any information about their absense. King Narnode gets more concerned about the Arposandra spectre. Questions blaze: what is Lucien will do, where is Movario, why did Glouphrie the untrusted take down Argento before he left some time ago, and what does the Drunken Dwarf’s claims of Dragons have to have to do with the Red Axe? The answers will come, and so shall what the King Black Dragon says are the consequence of asking the question.

Contact Commander Veldaban at Keldagrim and you’ll be informed that the Red Axe is now available. For more information, you will need to join the Consortium to get back in. Talk to the Giant Dwarf company executive and offer to do a job. When you return, the Red Axe will inform you that they’ve just bought buy RuneScape gold your contract. They are now your boss. You need to talk to Hreidmar who is your new boss. You must do a job for him and you will be dismissed in the near future.

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