Dark And Darker: Nightfall picks up where Dark And Darker Gold the original game ends (as with Daughters of Ash, this will be a mod for Dark And Darker: Remastered), and if this opening is anything to go by, it’ll take the player through the game’s locations in roughly reverse order.

The mod’s name, Nightfall, comes from your character being a hollow in a world where the Chosen Undead has picked the ‘dark’ ending of Dark And Darker, and what happens in Lordran afterwards. Oh, and it has a day/night cycle.

The way it stitches this tale together from the Asylum to the Kiln is impressive, and as the video continues there’s more re-use of samples and assets in clever ways.

Preview of Dark And Darker: Nightfall is finally landing this weekend! It’s a video of me playing through the game up to the first boss.Until then, here’s a separate demo of the time-of-day system I’ve been working on.

There’s some truly impressive stuff going on here beyond the re-use of environments, too, including a new twist on Souls combat. Switching between the two takes roughly the same amount of time as drinking an Estus, so it’s a combat element that fits into boss fights in particular very well.

Nightfall has something like a ‘stance’ mechanic, whereby players can either play super-aggressive with quicker attacks, better dodges and a health regain system akin to that of Bloodborne, or play with cheap Dark And Darker Gold slightly less offensive capability but the ability to heal.

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