We’ll get to the details of the dispute but, shortly after it began, Ironmace started and then paused a GoFundMe campaign to help with Dark And Darker Gold its legal battle.

“The reality of the situation is that their end goal is to bleed us dry in court fees,” said the developer, and there’s no doubting Nexon has the kind of serious resource that could do such a thing to a smaller studio. Ironmace needs cash wherever it can get it.

Which is probably why you can now buy a Dark and Darker themed coffee set for a game you may never play. It seems to have been a good wheeze anyway, as the box set has already sold out and now you can only buy the coffees separately.

It’s a team-up with coffee brand Madrinas and comes with a wooden tankard, a tub of dark roast instant coffee, and a bag of darker roast (geddit) coffee beans for $49.99 (plus exorbitant shipping).

Dark and Darker fans roughly split into two camps. There’s the die-hards who regard Ironmace as the little guy fighting big bully Nexon, and have rushed to support this.

Then there’s a more fatalistic crew who cheap Dark And Darker Gold wonder whether they’ll ever see the game and whether Ironmace is taking this fight seriously or just making as much as it can, as fast as it can, before the wheels come off. One wag asked Ironmace if this was the same coffee served at Nexon.

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